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It is critical to select the right roofing contractor. Make certain that your home repair project runs successfully. Whether you need roof repair, replacement, or gutter cleaning, hire the correct roofing contractor. At Hartford Roofing, our professional roofers prioritize customer service above all else. Our skilled roofing contractors in Hartford, CT, as well as our support personnel, will always be available to you during your roofing job.

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Residential Roofing And Installation

Many factors determine the cost of your new roof, and while it may be money you'd prefer not to spend, postponing re-roofing will prolong issues and cost you more money in the end. Among the elements influencing the cost of your new roof are:

Roofing Material Chosen

The Roof's Size

Chosen Flashing/Coatings

The Installation Firm That Was Picked



We will arrange a skilled installation of your new roof after you have chosen it. To complete the task, our high-quality roofing specialists do not cut shortcuts. Instead, they take the time to do the job well, resulting in a roof that you are proud to own and gives you the long-term capability you need and deserve with a large purchase like a new roof. We work quickly and thoroughly to complete the job. We are licensed and insured, so you may have more trust in our roofing installation services.

Hartford Roofing is committed to offering the finest solution for your roofing needs, regardless of the kind of roof. Our roofing professionals respond swiftly to your demands, are highly educated about various roofing services, and will do their best for you. Keeping your roof in good condition is an essential element of home maintenance. Hartford Roofing is glad to service all sorts of roofs, whether a total replacement or a tiny leak. If you've been seeking a friendly, competent roofing contractor in Hartford, CT, you can count on all your roofing requirements. Your search is over. So, contact Hartford Roofing right now.


Although there is no clever Name Your Price feature for a new home roof, you can rest assured that Hartford Roofing Professionals offers a roof in your price range. A roof is a substantial investment, and we take satisfaction in reducing expenses to a minimum. We'd be happy to discuss the various roofing available for your home location to give you a better understanding of the expected purchase expenses. Once you've chosen a roof, we'll send a tailored estimate so you know precisely how much the addition to your house will cost.

Because several aspects determine the price, all customers will need to pay different amounts to get a new roof for their home. The most straightforward approach to selecting the correct roof for your needs is to compare them. We'd be delighted to assist you in starting the comparisons required for the proper roof purchase, all with our compliments. We also offer that guarantee to you, and we hope that your name will soon be added to our list of pleased clients.

standing seam metal roof
composite shake roofing system

Services For Residential Roofing

We have the roof that can and will meet your demands, whether your roof has fulfilled its purpose and is now ready to retire, you want to update it, or you want to change. We will install the roof of your choice, ensuring that it is done correctly the first time. And after everything is said and done, we will ensure you are delighted with our job. However, we do not stop there. To be the only roofing business in Hartford you'll ever need, we offer a variety of services to fulfill the needs of all houses. Among our numerous home roofing services are:

  • Repairing Hail/Storm Damage

    Broken and cracked shingles, as well as leaks, are two usual occurrences following hail or storm damage, and our roofing specialists can quickly fix both. Please don't allow these damages to ruin your roof anymore when we're only a phone call away!

  • Shingle Repair

    Several problems can affect the shingles, and we manage them all. When you're ready to improve the appearance of your roof, we also sell shingles. To meet your demands, we provide a range of designs, colors, and shingle grades.

  • Roof Inspections

    Understanding what is wrong with your house is only half the battle. Crawling on top of the roof is dangerous, but our pros focus on the task. They also know what to look for when they reach the top of the roof, which you may need help finding.

  • Roof Maintenance

    Following an inspection, it is critical to remedy any roof faults discovered. With our high-quality roof care service, we'll make sure this isn't an issue. We recommend performing roof maintenance twice yearly each time you get an inspection.

man reinstalling gutters

Commercial Roofing

Hartford Roofing takes pride in providing business roofing services. "We've Got You Covered" whether you need a repair, replacement, or a new business roof installation. We employ high-quality commercial roofing materials and exceptional experts with extensive industry experience and skills to handle all your business roofing demands

In addition, we provide free estimates. We are pleased to provide free written estimates, just like we do for our residential services. Our written estimate will contain a description of the service you will receive and what you can anticipate paying for that service. This is the first stage in our procedure, and we are confident that if you compare our costs and services to those of other commercial roofing contractors, you will be pleased with our estimate. Hartford Roofing Company has a dedicated team of industry pros. Our crew is knowledgeable about any roofing product or service. We go out of our way to ensure that our customers are pleased and satisfied, and all of our roofing services are guaranteed.

So, whether your business requires repair or replacement or you require the installation of a new commercial building roof, contact us now! We appreciate the chance and are confident you will be entirely happy with our roofing services.

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